Hey There! I am Asit, your average human.
Expected more?

I work as a Systems Engineer at Tata Consultancy Services

Other times, I work on my passion projects

I host a podcast, titled A Discourse With where I interview and talk with people who are known because of their work, through the internet

I design Carrd Websites like this one because I love using No-Code tools. I am also learning Figma & Illustrator and using them to enhance my projects

I also run a WhatsApp & Telegram Newsletter where I post about interesting articles and videos that I come across all over the internet. It is definitely worth your 5 minutes to look at

Sometimes, I am out with my camera capturing stuff. While I am certainly no pro, I try to constantly improve myself

I also play games a lot. So much so that I also capture screenshots to set them as wallpapers and I have made it available to everyone

Be a good human